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  • Martin Tallstrom Picks Foggy Mountain Breakdown

    When I first heard Earl Scruggs’ Foggy Mountain Breakdown, I just had to get a banjo. That was one of the first songs I learned… and after a while I had it down pretty good. But after a few years of playing banjo, I decided to put it down- just seemed like it was getting in the way of my acoustic guitar playing. .. Well, I guess that was a good decision as I’m still going strong on guitar. But […]

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  • Martin Tallstrom plays Dueling Banjos

    Martin Tallstrom is the guitarist here The song… Dueling Banjos. The style- not flatpicking but fingerpicking. Okay, there’s a few songs in Bluegrass music that have been outlawed. Here’s my short list: Fox On The Run Orange Blossom Special Foggy Mountain Breakdown and Dueling Banjos. There of course may be more but, don’t play these songs as IBMA  okay… For you non- bluegrassers.. those songs have been overplayed to the point that a bluegrass audience is most likely going to […]

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  • Earl Scruggs: Fingerpicks Jimmy Brown the Newsboy

    Everybody knows Earl Scruggs for his banjo, but here’s a song called Jimmy Brown the Newsboy where Earl shows off his super clean fingerpicking guitar style. The Youtube description says that Earl learned a lot about guitar from his friend and neighbor Maybelle Carter. Well, no doubt, but Earl definitely took it to another level. This particular video was a part of a series that Flatt & Scruggs did on the Grand Ole Opry that was sponsored by the flour […]

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  • Muriel Anderson: Going Back to Her Roots

    Muriel Anderson has gained a lot of notoriety over the years as a solo fingerstyle guitarist. She’s performed with just about everybody including Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel. This medley that she does here features some bluegrass tunes that she’s been playing for quite some time… only years ago and way back when, you most likely would have seen her flatpicking it instead of the fingerpickin’ . Muriel and I went to the same high school, same year … Downers Grove North, which is […]

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  • Earl, Doc and Ricky: “Who Will Sing For Me”

    For those of you that are not so familiar with bluegrass music, gospel music has played a major role in the formation of its form. This song, “Who Will Sing For Me” is as old as the hills, and represents a style that dates back before bluegrass, the stuff that Doc and Earl were listening to when they grew up.  Ricky? Well he’s younger but grew up hillbilly as well where music was perhaps the second most important thing in […]

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