4 SIMPLE Fingerpicking Songs For Beginners & Intermediate Guitarists

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If you are tired of trying to learn chords and have nothing to show for it- why not start pickin’ one of these songs right away? 4 Simple Fingerpicking Guitar Songs is video # 2 in a playlist collection of carefully written “Hillbilly Country Style” instrumental songs designed for Beginners and Intermediate guitarists. Each easy country fingerstyle guitar song features “fingerpicking with melody” that is right out of “Deliverance” the movie ( as in “Dueling Banjos” ).
For the left hand, most all the songs can be played with 1 finger chords and feature simple fingerpicking patterns for the right hand (mostly two fingers needed (thumb and index finger).

Each of these 4 simple fingerpicking guitar songs also includes both Beginner and Intermediate versions. In this video instructor Bob Harris rates each song in degree of difficulty. You can learn one or all of the songs no matter what level you are at.

Free study guide is available along with sheet music and help. If you are looking for a Fingerstyle guitar songs tutorial (easy) then you are in the right place.


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