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Back in July 2012, I set out to create a website about Acoustic Guitar that would not only be way too much fun, but educational as well.

Within a years time, AGV has become the web’s #1 place to see the very best acoustic guitarist from around the world- just ask our readers and Google.

We’ve covered almost every style of Acoustic Guitar, and sometimes we’ve strayed off and featured other acoustic instruments as well. I can’t tell you all the letters I’ve received saying how much people love this site.


The average amount of visitors as of this writing exceed 1000 per day, which depends on the amount of posts we do as well. Some days depending on a particular video, we will exceed 2000+

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Our facebook site currently has 7000+ fans as of this writing… That’s not exactly a giant number compared to other sites with huge “like” numbers… we’re still small by comparison.

But what we may lack in “sheer volume” we make up for in quality.

I’d like to think that this site is for serious guitarists and fans of acoustic guitar that have a “gourmet” taste in guitar. Don’t get me wrong, there’s good guitar players that just play 3 or 4 chords…. but AGV is primarily “virtuoso based” guitar.

Plans for the future?

I’m currently working with a few other very talented musicians to do a guitar lesson feature area. What’s gonna be different about this than other lesson sites is, the lessons are extremely focused with emphasis on teaching just one thing. My feeling about lesson sites generally is, they do too much talking and don’t get down to business. You then end up learning nothing at all! This is gonna be very different!

Thanks go to our great group here!

Have a look around the site – go to the Home page, go to the Categories. There you’ll find a giant number of videos that is sure to impress.

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Do sign up for our weekly AGV Newsletter! Each Thursday, I send out the very best acoustic guitar videos that my team and myself search for. You won’t miss a single issue and you will stay current in the world of acoustic guitar.

Finally, feel free to contact me at ampersandmusic@aol.com . I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great guitar day!

Bob Harris – Acoustic Guitar Videos



  1. Dan Huthwaite

    Bob, I just discovered your acoustic guitar videos and FINALLY found someone that goes slow enough and has excellent videos of hands and fingers and even a 3-part series on the C chord (which I still can’t play but hope your teaching will change that). I don’t know if it’s the age of the videos but I’ve started with your finger picking series and none of the links you point to during the videos are there anymore. I would definitely like to download one of your study guides. Can you send me a copy or a link to get a copy? There was also short little video that graphically showed how to play the first song that you teach. I can’t find that again either (I was using my iPhone when I stumbled on your channel and I don’t seem to be able to find that video on my computer. Thanks again for the pace and clarity of your teaching. I finally think I mignt be able to learn to play the guitar after all.

    • Robert Harris

      Hey Dan, I just emailed you! Thank you for the kind words and hopefully you will see my email.. Happy pickin!!

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