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My name is Bob Harris and I am the web host here and the one that is writing most of the articles and reviews of the videos you see. I’m also the guy teaching fingerpicking (more on that in a moment).

The goal originally on this website was to provide you with a shortcut from YouTube and additionally provide some professional commentary that is usually not included in the YouTube descriptions.

There’s over 1000 videos here on this channel and my plans are to continue with more.

In the last few years however, I have been posting mostly YouTube guitar lesson videos on the site. The posts are the place that student can get additional info like sheet music/study guide or tab that is not available on YouTube. New students that want to take more lessons can also join my free VIP guitar group.  Any time that I publish a new video, I will send out the sheet music and the video link(s) to the group. Many times there are lessons that only the VIP group will be able to take. If you haven’t joined my vip group, you can do it here.  I will also send you all my beginner courses.

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The World if Filled with Great Guitarists

There are so many outstanding guitarists out there…

It’s easy to find the famous ones …

I really like finding new guitarists that may only have a slim amount of viewings on YouTube that deserve better recognition.  So far, some of these players that we have featured both here and at our facebook page have written in and said that their YouTube views showed a good spike when we featured them. This I have to admit was not something I thought possible until we started to get more fans at both sites.

Since I have been a part of the music business professionally since 1977, I might from time to time share a cool story about a famous artist that I’ve worked with in the past. But hey, lots of you have stories too that the folks visiting and myself here would really enjoy hearing so, if you have a story to share, you are welcome (email me at .

Have you made a guitar video? Do you want more exposure?

If you have a favorite guitarist or are looking for some exposure, please e mail me at  As of this writing, there’s been many hundreds of thousands that have check out the talent here.

Now I’m sure you are wondering this cause I would too… the answer is no, I will not make negative comments with any artist, that’s just not my style (hey, playing guitar is hard enough right!) And the folks here are some of the most friendly and supportive people I’ve seen on the internet. Not since July 2012, I’ve only had to remove 1 very negative comment.

Tell your friends about Acoustic Guitar Videos

Have fun, check out the categories on the right and tell your friends about this site. Oh, don’t forget to sign up to our weekly newsletter which I send out every Thursday morning at 9 am. It’s contains the weeks best videos… something to look forward to.

The best part of doing this site is getting to meet all the really great people who are interested and love acoustic guitar. I’m looking forward to getting to know you as well.


Bob Harris Bio (short version)

I played guitar for fiddle legend Vassar Clements for 15 years
Recorded/produced and/or played on more than 1000 albums with very famous Artists (like Johnny Cash) and not so famous people (you know who you are).
Won Guitar Player International’s “Ultimate Guitar Competition” back in 1992 for best in flatpicking.
I own 2 recording studios and produce primarily acoustic music which includes folk, jazz, country, solo guitar, singer/songwriter, classical and bluegrass (and anything in between).
Currently teaching fingerpicking for beginners over at my YouTube channel which has received over 15,000,000 view.

Are you good at writing articles and/or finding great guitarists?

There’s been a lull on my site here for various reasons- mainly family health problems starting about 2015 and ending in 2019. Since that time much of the focus of this site has shifted to fingerstyle guitar lessons. However. I am working on getting back into more guitar player reviews. If you love guitar and like writing about it all, I would love to hear from you. I am currently looking for people to help out on this website. Please email me at and let’s chat. I’m also open to any ideas suggestions relating to music and guitars.

Do you teach guitar?

Acoustic Guitar Videos is looking for Guitar Instructors. If you’ve made guitar lesson videos and want more exposure, please contact me at .  My youtube site is jamming
and I can help you reach goals with getting more views and making money.



  1. John Meixner

    I am new to this and not a young person! Thanks for all the help.

    • Robert Harris

      Hey John,
      I just emailed you the sheet music- please check your email.
      Many thanks and happy pickin’ !!

  2. Kristin Cooper

    I think I found you finally…I really like the fingerpicking lessons and your relaxed teaching, it helps A Lot!
    Thanks and I hope I can find more of your lessons now. Kristin

    • Robert Harris

      Hi Kristin,
      I just emailed you a link to the 12 lessons and also sent you the follow up course.
      Many thanks and if you need any help at all, please don’t hesitate to email me!
      happy guitar 2023!!

  3. Hey Bob, I’m a retired 67 year old construction worker. Always wanted to learn guitar , never could find the time until now . My friend owns a music studio here in Michigan, Huber & Breese music. He hooked me up with a guitar, and he gives me lessons at times. I found your website on YouTube , and wow! Really enjoy learning from you also. I think you can teach an old dog new tricks! Lol. I’m still on Beginners, but very enjoyable. Thank you.

    • Robert Harris

      Hey Russ, great to hear from you and wow, sure is nice to have a friend that not only hooks you up with a guitar but teaches you as well!!
      Thank you for taking the lessons with me.. I am glad you are enjoying them!! Yea, you’d be surprised how many tricks us old dogs can learn! Keep me posted
      and if you need any help, please let me know.
      Wishing you a great guitar year 2023!!

  4. Katherine Walls

    Hello Bob,
    I’m an 81 year old female,Inherited my fathers guitar. Learned to play basic guitar at age 77 from my choir director.
    Your laid back way of teaching is great. Thanks for sharing your info, makes guitar playing more interesting.

    • Robert Harris

      Hi Katherine, great to hear from you and welcome! I’m so happy that you are playing guitar and also have a choir director to help!! I got my start playing out at the church and can say that those were some of the best years of my life. If you need any guitar help, please let me know.
      Wishing you happy guitar 2023!!

  5. Hi Bob: It has been quite a while since we touched base, and you recommended I change my guitar strings for softer ones, which I did, and it helped a lot. Thanks so much for that. Not sure if you will remember, it helped a lot. I have kept practicing, not sure if I am making much progress but I am persistent even if I only make noise. I wonder if I could get your help with another matter. I love this song with Willie Nelson and Kimmie Rhodes “Love me Like a Song” and have been trying to get the fingerpicking pattern out by listening to it over and over, with no success at all. Would you be able to post it some time so that I can enjoy playing along with this recording? Thanks so much.

    • Robert Harris

      Hi Felicia! Thank you for commenting here but I am sorry for the delay as I see when you wrote this. I’m glad to hear that the strings worked out.. nothing worse than a guitar that is hard to play.
      Are you in my vip group? Reason I ask is because I’m now working on a new website and when finished, will be doing the requests for students. Part of the reason I stopped is due to copyright issues on popular songs people want to learn on YouTube. I was spending 30 + hours making up a video only to find out that I couldn’t post it!!! So I had to come up with some other plan and this new website (unlike this one here) has the tech ability to do that.

      I will let everyone know in my VIP group when the site is up and also have a request line there with all the details. I don’t know the Willie song you are referring to by title alone, but I bet it’s a good one if he wrote it (he’s such a great songwriter!). Also, did you take all the courses yet? I can send them to you.. Just email me at .
      Happy weekend Felicia!!

  6. Mike Ortega

    Hi Bob, I’m really glad to have stumbled across your beginner fingerstyle videos! I much prefer this to struming. I’m new and just learning guitar, plus I’m in my mid sixties. Love your beginner content!


    • Robert Harris

      Hey Mike! Many thanks for taking the lessons here and glad you found me! Yea, this is certainly a lot more fun than strumming! If you need any help please let me know okay.
      Wishing you a great guitar day today + beyond!

  7. Brian Davis

    Hi Bob Im a complete beginner and am really enjoying your lessons. At76 years old it is just a real pleasure to learn music .

    • Robert Harris

      Hey Brian, thank you for your kind words and glad to hear that you are playing guitar.. I am wishing you all the best!!!

  8. Hi Bob,
    Trying to reach you. Here. Please give me a call or email. I really need to speak with you!
    Thanks so much and hope all is well. Love what you’re doing here!

  9. Hi Bob, I just discovered this incredible site. I started trying to teach myself guitar a very long time ago – no teacher as such , mainly learning through Tab books and videos. I always kept it up so by now I can play a bit plus I know some theory but I always made a point of going back to the basics on as a regular thing so when I came across your beginners video no. 1, I checked it out and it blew me away. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen giutarwise that is . Even with my 60 years practising. The clarity of the material and the commentary are really great( and no theory in sight ! ). I did the twelve lessons and gained plenty. I can see how video No.1 got all those views. It’s extremely clear and sraightforward. I look forward to checkin’ out more on the site. Hats of to you for a brilliant job !

  10. I love yr energy. You’re the best. The 4 hillbilly guitar songs you play. I can’t find the video for the first ones, especially the beautiful second one. A video is offered for an advanced class, but I can’t find one for a first class. I’ll be happy to pay for the sheet music or your video.
    I’m 78 years old and left handed so it’s not likely I’ll be playing any Mississippi John Hurt soon (probably until I’m at least 80) but I sure would like to play those hillbilly songs.
    All the best to you. Take care.

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