This 1 move adds Melody to fingerstyle guitar

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Adding melody notes to a basic fingerstyle guitar pattern is accomplished by plucking two strings (two notes) at once by using “The Pinch Technique.” (not to be confused with pinch harmonics).
Although simple to do, the fingerstyle pinch technique is accomplished always with the thumb and another finger (or two) simultaneously.
In this lesson, Bob Harris will not only explain how to pinch chords on guitar, but show how to use fingerstyle pinch technique in a song entitled “Hillbilly Serenade.”
Along the way, you will also learn some new fingerstyle guitar chords for beginners including some intermediate “Up the neck” two note chords on guitar. These two note chords can work for strumming but are best used in fingerstyle guitar, as we can single out and pluck the correct notes.
Also featured in Hillbilly Serenade is a no finger (open) E minor chord (yes you heard correctly) and a 1 fingered A7 chord. All full sounding chords… You should check this out as it really shows how simple left hand fingering is, and many times, all that’s needed to play a sophisticated sounding song.


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