G C D Chords- all with 1 Finger! Easy Country Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson for Beginners- [and Hillbillies]

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Back when I was just staring to play bluegrass guitar, a friend of mine took me down to the New Jersey Pine Barrens (a very remote part of the state) to visit this guy he knew that had some vintage acoustic guitars for sale. We pulled up to the house and knocked on the door for nearly 10 minutes before “Billy” came out in his underwear. We all shook hands and stood outside for a while and then followed him in.

The house was in “condemned condition” and smelled like hell. Yet there were so many “Old and Odd” things to look at- stuff we’ve never seen before! He then took us down to the basement to his shop where he builds hillbilly style instruments and stores his guitar collection. Case by case he opened… old Martins, Gibsons, Stellas- each one better than the last.

Finally he opened the case of a 1936 Martin Herringbone which was why I went down there. I checked it out, fell in love.. and then he told me he wants $150,000 for it (take off 2 of those zeros-that’s my price range).

I guess he felt sorry for me and gave me a “Manjo” (cross between a mandolin and banjo) that he built many years ago. I never did string that thing up but I still have it.

On the way out his dog (didn’t see him earlier) came running out of one of the back rooms and bit me!

I never did see Billy again (or his dog) but wrote this song for him (Billy Hill) which is a really easy fingersyle song for beginners. He told me “I like my music clean & simple” – “none of that uptown bluegrass.”

Bet ya didn’t know that New Jersey is one of the USA’s ‘backwoods’ capitals?



  1. I did enjoy it a lot please do post more of this listens and I also have to thank you for the easy break down of picking and chords, I almost gave up on learning till I came a cross your youtube channel.
    Thank you very much

    • Robert Harris

      Hi Amir,
      thank you for taking the lessons here and definitely planning to do a lot more. I am so glad you didn’t give up!!
      Have a great guitar day today!!! bob

  2. Anne Erdman

    I keep trying… thank you Bob

    • Robert Harris

      Hi Anne,
      it’s great to hear from you and proud of you for working at it. Wishing you a lot of fun and a great guitar week too!!

  3. Hello. You’re a wonderful teacher. I couldn’t figure out where to get the one finger chord diagrams. Thanks Willow

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