Earl, Doc and Ricky: “Who Will Sing For Me”

For those of you that are not so familiar with bluegrass music, gospel music has played a major role in the formation of its form.

This song, “Who Will Sing For Me” is as old as the hills, and represents a style that dates back before bluegrass, the stuff that Doc and Earl were listening to when they grew up.  Ricky? Well he’s younger but grew up hillbilly as well where music was perhaps the second most important thing in life (right below God) in the families.

As far as this style of guitar (referring to Earl) it’s unique in that it’s a banjo player playing the guitar from a banjo players perspective, not a guitarist.

I grew up listening to Earl’s fingerpickin’ on the guitar and it took me until I was in my late teens to realize that it wasn’t necessarily the correct way that people fingerpicked the guitar. Nonetheless, this style and this music personally still goes right through me like no other.

I welcome your comments (both positive and negative) on this video. Do you like this kind of music? You know… most people don’t. Perhaps you know the answer why?





  1. i have always loved all forms of music (not really a rap fan) bluegass is one of my favorites; my brother has a copy of the “three pickers” fantastic job…sorry to hear of “doc’s” death…we have lost a true icon…please keep up the great works!

    • Hey Frank, great to hear from you. Yea- Doc was such an innovator, big influence for me and so many flatpickers.

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