Hillbilly Song- Old Shoe- with Guitar Pull offs and Push off’s for Fingerstyle Guitar

Pull off’s, Push off’s, Slides and Hammer On’s are the guitarist best friend, as they will provide an “economy of motion” while adding note to a song or passage that would otherwise have to be plucked. These notes which are achieved with only the chording hand, can also provide much faster speeds or add style and flare to a song. But just showing how to do it is not enough- it has to be used in context of a song!

In this video, Bob Harris will demonstrate the use of Hammer on’s, Slides, Pull off’s and Push off’s in a song entitled “Old Shoe”, an original of Bob’s that features all four of these techniques. The song itself features a two fingered “Hillbilly Style” picking pattern (thumb and index finger) along with very easy left hand chords- the song literally can be played using just one finger!

The goal for students of guitar to learn this song and be able to incorporate the pull off’s, push off’s, hammer on’s and slides into other songs. By learning this song, the use of these guitar techniques will be more understandable, as they are in musical context and part of the song itself

In the video, Bob explains that some guitarist will prefer a “Pull off” over a “Push off” as the outcome of each technique achieves the same results. Which do you prefer? Leave a comment below!!!

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