Martin Tallstrom plays Dueling Banjos

Martin Tallstrom is the guitarist here

The song… Dueling Banjos.

The style- not flatpicking but fingerpicking.

Okay, there’s a few songs in Bluegrass music that have been outlawed.

Here’s my short list:

Fox On The Run
Orange Blossom Special
Foggy Mountain Breakdown

and Dueling Banjos.

There of course may be more but, don’t play these songs as IBMA  okay…

For you non- bluegrassers.. those songs have been overplayed to the point that a bluegrass audience is most likely going to get upset or walk out if you play them. And if you are insisting on playing them, you better have a very good reason to do so.

So why am I featuring Martin Tallstrom with the overplayed Dueling Banjos?

Well, it’s different, and you really don’t hear it done like this… and that is a good reason to post this video.

The backing track is a little awkward, and Martin even writes that it took a little to get in the groove.

Personally I don’t like this song but Martin is just a lot of fun to listen to (maybe I like it now)





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