Miche Archetto

Miche Archetto writer, Acoustic Guitar Videos
Miche Archetto has the inside track to many unknown guitarists from all of Europe and beyond

Matteo Cherchi (aka Miche Archetto on Facebook) is an instrumental music lover and an amateur solo guitar player.

He is also a very curious person and very much into google and youtube mining.

He likes to discover new videos and learn about new guitar players, with a special focus on acoustic guitars. This is why he immediately fell in love with acousticguitarvideos.com website.

Matteo comes from Italy, but he lives and works in Finland as a research scientist. During weekends you can find him playing around the streets of Helsinki… but only in summertime! The rest of the year is too cold there!


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  1. I love Bob’s lessons but can not get/see, the written music tablature, any suggestions?

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