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  • Usman Riaz and Preston Reed: Duo of Tap

    Usman Riaz and Preston Reed: Duo of Tap

      Whether or not you are a fan of the percussive style of tap or not, it’s a style that this generation of acoustic guitarists are making very very popular and in turn, making the acoustic guitar more popular. It kind of reminds me of the traditional vs. the newgrass argument. Yea, I love and grew up with traditional, but you know, if we all just keep it traditional, the music form is gonna die out with the aging audience. […]

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  • Stuart Ryan – 2002 Guitarist Magazine’s ‘Acoustic Guitarist of the Year’

    Stuart Ryan – 2002 Guitarist Magazine’s ‘Acoustic Guitarist of the Year’

      Stuart Ryan – ‘You and Me’ Here’s a video featuring the guitar playing of UK guitarist Stuart Ryan. The piece entitled “You and Me” starts out with some sweet fingerstyle and then shifts midway through with some percussive tapping. If you are wondering how I found Stuart well, really he found me (or us).  So it’s always a pleasant surprise to connect with another great guitarist who in this case, has only 1000 or so views on YouTube. Hey, […]

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  • Chet Atkins & Stanley Jordan: Tap vs.Traditional

    Chet Atkins & Stanley Jordan: Tap vs.Traditional

      Chet Atkins & Stanley Jordan “Stardust” I know, this is electric guitar but, it’s Chet! And with him is Stanley Jordan who was very popular with his tapping style of guitar a while back. Kind of a cool contrast of styles here and a great video to hear the difference of tone that’s created by both styles. Now I have a theory about the tapping and why a lot of people don’t care for it..  I think it’s due […]

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  • Chet Atkins: Ya Gotta Love Chet

    Chet Atkins: Ya Gotta Love Chet

      “The Entertainer” played by Chet Atkins “This 1975 clip features guitar great Chet Atkins performing Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer.” From the DVD “Legends of Country Guitar.”  Chet Atkins… What guitarists wouldn’t love Chet? His playing is so relaxed and so smooth. Yea, a trademark of his entire collection of recordings and performances. In this song, “The Entertainer,” Chet doesn’t let us down, as his melody and attention to detail is exactly what we’ve come to expect from this legendary […]

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  • Daniel Zapico Plays the Chittarone

    Daniel Zapico Plays the Chittarone

    Concierto en Mahón. Obras de Kapsberger: Arpeggiata, Capona y Ciaccona. Abril 2008. If I close my eyes, I would think that Daniel Zapico is playing some sort of muted banjo with a couple of extra low strings. So when I open my eyes, a long neck banjo? A really long neck banjo. Got you beat Pete Seeger! No, it’s a Chittarone. So what is a Chittarone? Well according to  http://www.medieval-life-and-times.info/medieval-music/chittarone.htm “The Chittarone can be described as a lute which could reach 6 […]

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  • Jan Laurenz: Meditation on a Beartrax Guitar

    Jan Laurenz: Meditation on a Beartrax Guitar

      Check out this guitar! It’s called a Beartrax  Guitar. But guitarist Jan Laurenz who does a wonderful job performing on this odd instrument, says the following:  ” Hi, I had lots of questions about the instrumenti play on this vid. “Beartrax” my advice……if you want a quality tap instrument don’t buy a Beartrax….mine is about to fall in pieces….cracks everywhere..and the neck is impossible to adjust anymore.this instruments are not worth the price………just my opinion” So after all that great playing, […]

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  • Jacques Stotzem Plays Ry Cooder

    Jacques Stotzem Plays Ry Cooder

    By Miche Archetto: In 1984 Ry Cooder wrote the soundtrack of Wim Wenders’ movie “Paris, Texas“, which is also the title of this song, in my opinion a masterpiece of slide guitar. Ry Cooder’s version is played by two guitars, but here Belgian player Jacques Stotzem plays his arrangement on his dobro in DADF#AD tuning.   “In the acoustic guitar world today, Jacques Stotzem is one of the « fingerstyle » guitarists with the most diversified style. Born in 1959 in […]

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  • Christian Buchmann: Wild Tapping

    Christian Buchmann: Wild Tapping

    By Miche Archetto Here is an alumnus of the music school in Dresden that we have talked about in a previous post. Even if the video quality is poor, you can listen to him playing a very intricate tapping composition, with some flamenco echoes. Christian’s website is only in German, but with the help of Google translator I was able to understand that in the spring of 2009 he won the EUROPEAN GUITAR AWARD and the audience award at the same […]

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  • Anthony Mazzella: Warp 12 Achieved Captain

    Anthony Mazzella: Warp 12 Achieved Captain

      Anthony Mazzella – “Mountaineer” Italy nature guitar love Here’s a style of guitar that eludes me. I mean, I’ve tried to do this tapping guitar and perhaps my problem is, I just have too high of action and heavier gauge strings. I guess you could say that this Acoustic Guitar Video page has sort of made me want to try new styles and techniques- all of these great guitarists here have so much to say on their instrument- I’m […]

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  • David Sick: Mastering The “Bass Line”

    David Sick: Mastering The “Bass Line”

      By Miche Archetto: Sönke Meinen wrote me via facebook that he and Judith Beckedorf, both featured on “Acoustic Guitar Videos” in previous posts, are studying  at the “Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber” in Dresden. He pointed out some older guitar players graduated from that school and also some of the guitarists teaching at that school. David Sick is one of them. Unfortunately there are not many videos on youtube featuring this player, and those few don’t have a decent audio/video […]

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  • Simone Agostini: Painting Landscapes with Music

    Simone Agostini: Painting Landscapes with Music

      By Miche Archetto: Here is the official video of “A25″ by Simone Agostini, from his album “Green” (2009). This composition was inspired by the landscapes along the A25 Italian highway. A wise exploitation of the delay effect creates a sustained evocative sound to depict images and impressions he had in his mind. The bio from his official website: “Simone Agostini was born in Rome on May 12, 1981. After few months  he moved to Chieti with his family where […]

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  • Eric Roche: A Pioneer

    Eric Roche: A Pioneer

      Eric Roche “Smells Like Teen Spirit” By Miche Archetto: Eric Roche has been one of the most influential fingerstyle guitar players of the 90s. After studying classical guitar, he developed his own technique and percussive approach, exploring and mixing different musical genres including folk, pop and country music. Sadly he died at 37 in 2005. But his style still lives in many contemporary players including his close friend Thomas Leeb. In this video he plays his famous arrangement of […]

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  • Ever heard a “Resonator Bass Guitar?”

    Ever heard a “Resonator Bass Guitar?”

      By John Hill: “I Know You Rider”  From their performance at the Doc Watson Music Fest in Sugar Grove, NC. About the artists: Jens Kruger–banjo, Uwe Kruger–guitar, Joel Landsberg-resophonic bass. Born and raised in Switzerland, Jens and Uwe Kruger have been performing professionally since 1973. After playing for twenty years throughout Europe in various styles and venues, the brothers invited bassist Joel Landsberg (NYC, NY) to join them, and the three musicians formed the acoustic trio audiences around the […]

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  • Baden Powell: Midnight Smoke

    Baden Powell: Midnight Smoke

      By Miche Archetto: This video was recorded in 1971. Baden Powell (1937-2000) was then one of most famous Brazilian guitar players. Here he show his unique ability to use classical guitar technique in jazz music, putting his soul in each notes he plays. Notice the “special effect” created by the smoke of the cigarette he holds in his right hand! I suspect he was drunk during this take and maybe he didn’t even realize he had that cigarette in […]

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