Michael Hedges- Leader of The Pack

Michael Hedges – Rickover’s Dream

Jason Christian over at our facebook site wrote the following:

Where is a good place to start learning some Michael Hedges style techniques? I’ve been watching youtube videos of him but I’m looking for breakdowns or demos of some of the things he did. And just because I brought it up, here’s a video:”

Well the answer to that question was provided by AGV writer John Hill :

“Go to YouTube and type “micheal hedges style tutorials” into the search box and it’ll bring up some instructional videos.”

So why not…

that is, why not post this vid?

Yes, I decided to add this video to the collection. The quality is not so good visually or even the audio but, anything by the late Michael Hedges is gonna be high quality (at least his playing).

As you probably already know, Michael Hedges was the leader of the pack with acoustic tapping, and responsible for a lot of it’s innovations.

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