Jimmy Heffernan: Blues Stay Away From Me


Here’s my longtime music buddy, Jimmy Heffernan with a round of “Blues Stay Away From Me,” with some backing track accompaniment.

“Heff” as I call him and I have known each other and played in various bands since the early 80’s. We’ve also co-produced two dobro instructional videos at my studio (Ampersand Records USA).

We both ended up in Nashville around the same time.. back in the 90’s- He played steel guitar for artists such as Joe Diffie and Brad Paisley. Lots of bluegrass experience as well… long stint with Larry Sparks.

Right now, when Jimmy is not recording at his studio or on tour somewhere, he’s on the road doing dobro instructional seminars. If you are looking to learn dobro (no matter what level you are at), “Heff” is considered one of the very best at it, so do check out his site if you are looking to learn.



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