Vittorio Camardese: Self-Taught Doctor Tapping in 1965


Vittorio Camardese ospite a “Chitarra Amore Mio”

By Miche Archetto:

In 1965 the Italian television invited radiologist Vittorio Camardese to show the unusual guitar technique he invented on its own. This video is becoming popular on social networks and Vittorio Camardese is being claimed as “THE inventor of tapping”. This is quite inaccurate, as tapping is a very old technique (see the wikipedia entry). But for sure Vittorio Camardese wasn’t aware of previous tapping examples, so we can claim him to be “AN inventor of tapping”… and the most important thing is that the music he produces with his technique is very melodic and enjoyable.
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BTW, if you want to know what was said in the interview, here it is:


“Dr. Vittorio Camardese
Good evening
Thank you very much for coming
Thank you for inviting me
You apparently travel a lot, don’t you?
Well, it’s not my guitar. I borrowed it.
Don’t you travel much?
Well, I can’t, because…
Sit down, please.
Thank you. …because I work in an hospital, so I’m not allowed…
Of course. Where do you work?
At the San Filippo.
In Rome?
In Rome, yes.
Did you have to ask for a special permission to come here?
I did, actually, I had to ask my superior.
Who is your superior?
Professor Giacobini.
Why, is it not dignified for a doctor to play guitar?
No, that’s not it. It’s a matter of customs, of politeness…
…it seemed appropriate…
You are a radiologist, aren’t you?
Yes, a radiologist.
So, I’ve been told that you have your own peculiar style of guitarplaying. A method, a special technique.
Yes, so they say; I don’t know, I’ve always played this way.
You studied on your own…
Yes, I’m self-taught.
…self-taught. Do you know music theory?
I don’t
Why don’t you show us what your technique…
Yes. My technique works like this: instead of plucking the string…
I tap on it.
Let’s hear…
…a tune. What…?
Some… mambo.
Some mambo.

Amazing. Truly amazing. How many new things can be done with an old thing.
Do you think so?
I do! You don’t know anyone who uses this technique, do you?
Not really, it’s… my own technique, so to speak.
You are able to get some sort of double bass sound with your…
Yes, the double bass is better heard in jazz pieces… this sounds like drums, separate drums playing…
Right. Shall we also listen to…
..a jazz piece? Sure.

It’s very interesting to watch you play, as well. With this kind of sign of the horns you touch…
with my index finger I tap…
…the fretboard….
…and I get the double bass.
Who transcribes this music for you? Nobody, you just…
No, I just arrange my pieces, like that.
You listen to a record…
Yes, I listen to a melody, and then I transpose it, just like that…
Look, I was mightily impressed by your performance…
You’re very kind.
..and I’m sure our viewers will be too.
I hope so!
Maybe you’re going to teach the whole world this new guitar-playing style.
Do you think so? That would be too much for me!
It’s an invention. Have you patented it?
Not yet.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
I hope I will never need your professional help, but you never know.
I sure hope you don’t. Goodbye and thank you, thank you very much.
Thank you.”  see more


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