Guitaro5000: Live in an elevator!


Best Places to Play Guitar: Elevator

By Miche Archetto:

Here is a funny video by NYC guitarist Guitaro5000. We featured already this guy in a previous post, showing his “can-top style”. In this video he shows his ability to promote himself through eccentric new ideas and taking “live music” everywhere.

On the web I’ve found this bio

“‘Guitaro5000’, aka Reginald Guillaume, is a talented and innovative American guitarist and singer/songwriter and a much in-demand performer in the tri-state area. With an arsenal of hundreds of popular Top40 songs under his belt to turn any private party or corporate function into a festive celebration, Guitaro 5000 magically brings everyone’s favorite hit songs to life by combining smooth, soulful vocals with virtuosic-like guitar playing and percussion effects on his acoustic guitar for a sound that can easily replace a full band without anyone realizing it.” More.


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