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  • Yoshihiro Arita: From BanjoTo Django

    My friend and flatpicker extraordinaire Betsy Rome shared this video with us at our facebook page and writes the following: “My friend Yoshihiro Arita in Japan. Japanese fire!” Thanks Betsy- BTW, see that your Too Blue band is tearing it up! I’ve always known Yoshihiro Arita as being a great banjo player so,  it was quite the departure to see and hear him playing Djanjo Jazz- but you know, if you heard him on banjo it really shouldn’t be that much of a shock- he’s a marvelous […]

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  • Paul Reynolds: Cold Blues

    Paul Reynolds: Cold Blues

    Paul Reynolds from the UK writes the following about this video: “This is a Staccato Percussive Piece for my Small Tacoma Guitar. I’ve written quite a few tunes for this little instrument. This tune isn’t on any of my CDs. I’ll probably put it on the next one.” We’ve featured Paul Reynolds here before and once again, Paul is speaking to me on his little baby Tacoma traveling guitar. I have yet to hear anyone get a better tone out […]

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  • David Lindley: Weird Instruments… Not So Weird

    David Lindley: Weird Instruments… Not So Weird

    Miche Archetto over at our facebook page shared this David Lindley video and writes the following: “David Lindley with some weird instruments” They sound good to me, weird or not. Here’s the YouTube description… “Mr. Dave gets down on two fabulous ukes made by Gordon and Char at Mya-Moe Ukuleles. First a koa baritone then Mercury Blues on a nasty lap steel resonator tenor!” I’ve always known David Lindley was a fine player, but after watching this video, I’m even more […]

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  • Tim Edey Tries out “Clone Clarence”

    Tim Edey Tries out “Clone Clarence”

    Atkin Guitars – Tim Edey playing ‘The White Rice’ Do you hear that sound? No not the guitar, my jaw hitting the floor…. If you were to answer the question- Of any bluegrass guitar on the planet, which one would be the most valuable? I’m sure if you knew your history you would respond with “The Clarence Guitar”… Even a guitar owned by Doc Watson is not gonna bring in as much coin or be as valuable as the 1935 […]

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  • Mike Dawes & Wim Den Herder: Having Too Much Fun

    Mike Dawes & Wim Den Herder ‘Play’ Dream Theater – Overture 1928 When I first watched this video I was about to turn it off and certainly not post it here.. Simply because I have a hard time watching people make fools of themselves….   But Mike Dawes and Wim Den Herder get a free pass and the reason is… they’re both so good on their guitars!   So what the heck… I posted this. They’re having fun… and after […]

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  • Ewan Dobson: Left Hand Of Doom

    Ewan Dobson: Left Hand Of Doom

    Ewan Dobson featuring Zack B. – “Autumn Red” – Acoustic Metal   If you haven’t noticed by now, look at Ewan’s left hand. It’s not only giant, but extremely coordinated. And look at the pinky. It’s sick if you ask me. He’s playing in positions and in a key that is not possible for most guitarists (yea, I can play this song but, need a capo to do it in this key). Ewan of course is no slouch with his […]

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  • Trevor Gordon Hall – Bach to the Future (Guitar Duet)

    Trevor Gordon Hall – Bach to the Future (Guitar Duet)

    Candyrat recording artist Trevor Gordon Hall is one fine guitarist… But what’s better than listening to him play? Getting to hear two of him… yea that’s right.. The studio is a wonderful place to be able to create and shape the music you write and in this case, Trevor’s composition entitled “Bach to the Future” (obviously inspired by Bach) required a second guitar part. Having worked on a ton of Bach myself, the sound of the two interweaving parts are very […]

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  • Maneli Jamal & Van Larkins: Guitar Duo

    Maneli Jamal & Van Larkins: Guitar Duo

    Maneli Jamal & Van Larkins – Disco Monkey Blender (2013)   By Maneli Jamal: “Van Larkins and I wrote this duo piece during our tour of New Zealand / Australia in March 2013. We totaled 35 shows and had a blast playing this duo piece exclusively for the audiences who attended the shows. Now we bring the guitar madness to you on your computer! What do you think?” Well, I think it’s fab! Thanks for that Maneli! If you haven’t […]

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