Thomas Leeb: Very Special Effects

Thomas Leeb – Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd) acoustic cover solo

This has got to be one of the most creative videos I’ve seen in a long time. Creative meaning… a camera in the sound hole?

Wow, how did they do that? Must be a small camera to fit in there.

And how did they get the strings to move like that???

Whomever thought of this concept was a genius and being able to do it… well, I have no idea!

As far as Thomas Leeb’s guitar playing, he in my opinion is one fantastic guitarist that doesn’t need any special video effects but, it sure is cool!  We’ve featured Thomas Leeb before

do check that video out as well- he is just amazing!

Here’s the YouTube write up with a good description of what this particular video is all about:

“fingerstyle guitar version of the iconic Pink Floyd song
DADGAD tuning (well, the same intervals but starting on A#)

A few months ago I stumbled back upon Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” which didn’t only give me midlife crisis when I was twelve but also sparked a deep love for music and the guitar in particular.
I’m still in love with David Gilmour’s guitar voice to this day but, since I don’t have the faintest clue what to do with an electric guitar, I decided to pick up my baritone and see what I could do with the acoustic guitar tools I’ve picked up over the years. Playing this is a blast and I hope you like the result! filmed on a GoPro camera on the Hill de Leeb in Val Verde, California on April 16th 2013 audio recorded and mixed by Thomas Leeb, then sweetened by Eric Spitzer-Marlyn

Lowden Baritone guitar
Dazzo 100 soundboard transducer
Mimesis Kudos mag/mic pickup
cables: evidence audio”

Unfortunately Thomas doesn’t say anything about how they were able to do all those special video effects… He’s already got 64,000 views with this- it must have helped.


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