Göran Söllscher: The Eleven-String Alto Guitar

By John Hill:

The eleven-string alto guitar
Göran Söllscher Bourrée-Gigue (J.S.Bach BWV996)

The eleven-string alto guitar or altgitarr is an extended-range classical guitar developed by Swedish luthier Georg Bolin in the 1960s.

Original Bolin instruments are now rare and valuable. The Bolin alto guitar most often has eleven strings, but a thirteen-string version also exists. They are most often used for performance of lute music, particularly Bach.

“About the artist: Göran Söllscher is a Swedish award-winning virtuoso classical guitarist known for his broad range of musical interpretations, ranging from Bach to the Beatles. Söllscher’s international career began during his years of education at the Royal Conservatory of Copenhagen in Denmark.” read more here


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