Stewart French Performs “Eminent Domains”

Eminent Domains – Stewart French & Tarik O’Regan

Here’s a piece entitled “Eminent Domains” that features the guitar playing of Stewart French and (I’m hoping that I get this right) cajon playing of Steve Gibson.

I’ve had a little trouble here due to the YouTube title which makes it seem like “Eminent Domains” is the name of the group featuring Stewart French & Tarik O’Regan.

Well, turns out that Tarki O’Regan is a famous composer of classical music and the writer of this song Eminent Domains- so this tie in for the title no doubt is credit to Tarki the composer, not the cajon player (who is not mentioned on the YouTube description (are ya with me so far?)

Now that we got that out of the way, the music is a bit unusual- certainly an odd blend of styles – mixing acoustic fingerstyle on a nylon string classical guitar with North African roots, Spanish percussion and Irish folk.

The composition is mostly line playing which is not normally what you hear out of a solo guitar. Line playing is lead lines or melodies… without the rhythm…

The blend and interplay of Stewart’s guitar and Steve’s cajon is just great, and it doesn’t take long before you realize that this is truly something unique….something different.

For those of you that don’t know, a cajon is a box that has a lot of different tones depending on where and how you hit it that sort of emulate a quiet drum set (similar to what a djembe can do only a more percussive sound).

The video is new, so you can say that you are the among the first to see this. Do share with your friends and also give Stewart and Steve and Tarki some “likes” here.

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