Max Roest Performs She Wolf

She Wolf (David Guetta ft. Sia) – Max Roest, Guitar Cover

There’s no doubt as to the power of performing a cover song. It was true in the clubs way back when, and it’s true now on the internet. The cover song many times on YouTube will get listed along side the original, thus getting the visibility. Well the same goes for this Max Roest cover song “She Wolf” as it has 70,000 plus views so far (and will get more after it is posted here).

Here’s the YouTube writeup…

“About two months ago two of my Belgium friends recommended this song to me and encouraged me to play it on the guitar. I really love the song. The structure, the voice, everything is perfect about it. David Guetta is an absolute genius to be able to combine Sia’s voice with dance music. Also Titanium by them was an option to cover, however I feel this has a stronger melody and therefore was more suitable for guitar.

Thanks to Merel van Hoek for helping me record the video”

BTW, we’ve featured Merel van Hoek here as well

I really liked this video. Max is a fine player for sure. He’s incorporating tapping, but using it sparingly instead of making it the mainstay of his style. If you listen closely and your ears are good, you can notice some slight tuning issues… most likely a setup is needed, as some notes sound sharp and others sound flat (sharper as he goes up the neck). Most people are not going to notice this.



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