Jan Laurenz: From Beartrax to Ukulele

Acoustic Guitar Videos has featured the excellent playing of Jan Laurenz before..

only on the Beartrax Guitar… What’s a Beartrax guitar you ask? Check it out here…

This new video by Jan Laurenz pretty much proves that he doesn’t need a lot

of strings to make a lot of music.

Here’s a quick bio on Jan Laurenz…

“Born in Zurich, Switzerland in February, 1975, Laurenz became interested in playing guitar at age eight after watching his sister before him. His interest and natural ability soon propelled him to become better than his sister. He stated with a laugh in our email correspondence that his sister still “hates him for that.” Those of us with siblings know how that goes :)
Besides languages, Jan was an average student, but with his mind always on the guitar. He developed an interest in Flamenco guitar by listening to his mother’s Paco de Lucia vinyls and learned to play some of these compositions by ear. Right about that same time he studied under a guitar teacher who was sort of a hippy (“or just very cool guy”) who “gave me some first feelings about improvisation, I never had any classical training” (Laurenz).” see more
By Bob Harris
(thanks go to  Noella for locating this biographical info on Jan Laurenz)