Jan Laurenz: Meditation on a Beartrax Guitar

Check out this guitar!

It’s called a Beartrax Guitar.

But guitarist Jan Laurenz who does a wonderful job performing on this odd instrument, says the following:
“Hi, I had lots of questions about the instrumenti play on this vid. “Beartrax” my advice……if you want a quality tap instrument don’t buy a Beartrax….mine is about to fall in pieces….cracks everywhere..and the neck is impossible to adjust anymore.this instruments are not worth the price………just my opinion”

So after all that great playing, I guess Jan is not so hyped about his Beartrax guitar, but it sure sounds good doesn’t it?

There doesn’t seem to be any bio information about Jan Laurenz that I could find, but I know he is from Switzerland. If you know more about Jan, please add some info below!


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