Willie Nelson with Emmylou Harris- Pancho & Lefty

If you are a fan of Willie Nelson and a fan of Emmylou Harris, then you ought to love them together singing and playin’ Pancho & Lefty.

Willie’s style is so distinctive, you could pick him right out of a crowd (voice and guitar)

The same goes for Emmylou, but only with her voice (she has never really been known for her guitar playing).

I asked the crowd here and over at facebook.com/acousticguitarvideos a while back if you thought John Lennon was a good guitarist. Most of you answering thought he was.

So here’s a wild question…

Do you think Emmylou Harris is a good guitarist? Or is it too hard to to tell from this video?

Please leave your comments below, I’m really interested to hear why you think. Also in case you missed it, check out Willie’s lead guitar playing on “Blue Eye’s Crying In The Rain,” perhaps on of the best solo’s he’s ever taken.


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  1. who is guitarist doing song in the middle of the video? I think EmmyLou suffices at guitar, maybe you dont notice her playing because of her singing, she knows how to use a capo!LOL

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