Willie Nelson-Inspirational Solo-Blue Eye’s Crying In The Rain

You’ve heard this song before, but not like this…

Here’s Willie Nelson with “Blue Eye’s Crying In The Rain” only

check out Willie’s really nice acoustic guitar solo.

Willie is one of the old school country guys that knows music and chord changes- this solo is proof (to me better than the recorded version).

Did you know that there used to be a time that country music had chord changes
and not just 1, 4 , 5 with an occasional 2 or 6 minor thrown in?

Willie is also one of those guys that you know immediately it’s him just singin’ one note. In fact, he’s just as recognizable on his guitar.

For me (and maybe it’s just me), every guy on the radio today sounds like every other guy on the radio today. Okay, perhaps every once in a while I might hear someone that sounds a little different. (still don’t know if all the redundancy is by design or not)? Now I’m not sayin’ that people on the radio today are not talented… far far from that…

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Here’s a question for you…

Do you think country music has De Evolved or gone forward? What would Willie have to say about where the music form has gone?




  1. Mike Perry says:

    I have to agree with you, the solo is terrific. Usually when Willie is live, he seems to be bored with the music, and just kind of fluffs his way through it. Here he took a lot of care. His chords are the nice Western Swing variations. Compared to this, today’s country music really sucks. All forms of music seem to gravitate toward regurgitating soft pop that is incredibly boring and repetitious. There is minimal “Country” character in country music today — in fact, I don’t know why they still call it that. Every once in a blue moon a Ricky Skaggs, Keith Whitley, Randy Travis, or Allen Jackson comes along and rides high for a while and everyone wonders where they came from. When’s the next blue moon?

  2. Mike Perry says:

    I forgot to mention what would Willie Think about this. Knowing a little about him, he is probably not that judgmental, and welcomes any form of music as long as it is GOOD.

  3. Al says:

    Yes, of course. But 1-4-5 is pretty cool too. Don’t sell it short. You can pack a lot into those three magic chords!

    1. Bob Harris says:

      Definitely, and think of all the millions (maybe billions) of songs that have just those 3 chords. Amazing really.