Anna Likhacheva: 9 Year Old Virtuoso

El Colibri – Anna Likhacheva (9 year)

“Anna Likhacheva plays in the competition in Moscow (2003) “

You can see the date and yes… that’s some time ago.

But playing like that at 9 years old?

Absolutely amazing!

Well, I’m guessing the discipline that Anna went through is similar to that of those Eastern Block country gymnasts who would train morning, noon and night. Practicing 8 hours a day. Maybe that’s undercutting it. Even I exceeded that when I was a teenager and going into my 20’s.

So you think that Anna has been busy?

Just check out all the competitions she competed in…

Here’s Anna’s Biography:

“Anna was born in 1993 (13 of November) in Rostov-on-Don (Russia). She started with guitar lessons at age of 3 and a half.
Anna is the winner and laureate of numerous international competitions in Spain, Italy, Germany, Croatia and Russia. 

– Second Prize in the IV International competition in Russia (St.- Petersburg) -2000;
– Second Prize in the V All-Russian competition in Russia (Moscow) – 2000;
– Second Prize in the VI All-Russian competition in Russia (Moscow) – 2002;
– Fifth Prize in the II European competition young guitarists “Andres Segovia” in Germany – 2002;
– Diploma in the IV International television competition “Nutcrackers” in Russia (Moscow) – 2003;
– Grand Prix in the VI International Festival – Competition “Music World” in Italy – 2003; 
– First Prize in the V International Guitar Competition “Julian Arcas” (category “Antonio de Torres”) in Spain – 2004; 
– First Prize in the VI International Guitar Competition “Julian Arcas” (category “Xose Tomas”) in Spain – 2005;
– First Prize in the I International television competition “UFO on CD” in Russia – 2007;
– First Prize in the VIII International Guitar Competition “Anna Amalia” in Germany – 2007;
– First Prize in the XXXVI International Guitar Competition “FERNANDO SOR” in Italy – 2007;
– Third Prize in the IX CONCORSO MUSICALE DELL’ADRIATICO in Italy – 2007;
– Fourth Prize in the II Split Festival and Competition in Croatia – 2008;
– Premio Soroptimist in the XXXXI Concorso Internazionale di chitarra classica “MICHELE PITTALUGA” in Italy – 2008;
– Special Prize “Jose Tomas” IV International Awards Honorary DAVID RUSSELL in Spain – 2009;
– Third prize in the VIII international competition “JOSE TOMAS – VILLA DE PETRER” in Spain – 2009;
– First Prize in the III International television competition “UFO on CD” in Russia – 2009.
– Special Premio de Juventudes Musicales de Almunecar XXV International competition guitarists “Andres Segovia” in Spain – 2009.
– First Prize in the VIII International competition guitarists “Virtuosos of guitar” in Russia (St. Petersburg) – 2011.
– Third prize in the XVIII international competition guitarists “Andres Segovia” (Linares, Spain) – 2011.
– Finalist “World Guitar Competition – 2012” in Serbia.
– First Prize in the All-Russian competition “DON GRAN-PRI” in Russia (Rostov-on-Don) – 2012. ” and there’s more here

Wow… this is amazing for sure!

Well, do you want to see and hear a more recent video of Anna’s?

Check out this link… Yes kids, all that practicing paid off!

oh,,, link here:




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