Anna Likhacheva: Encore!

Anna Likhacheva Performance on the Great Finale of the World Guitar

“Great Finale of the World Guitar Competition 2012 was held in Novi Sad during 6.Vojvodina Guitar Fest (9 – 12. April 2012). This is performance of Anna Likhacheva from Russia.”

Here’s Anna Likhacheva all grown up so to speak.

If you’ve missed the first video of Anna when she was 9 years old, do check that out:

This video as you can see is from 2012, a year ago and certainly something more recent. But how cool is it to have videos documenting your career starting at such a young age?

Definitely comparing the two vids, Anna has of course matured into a master classical guitarist (as if that wasn’t the case at 9!).

So you may ask, what is Anna up to these days? Take a guess!

“Anna Likhacheva has an active concert life, playing solo recitals in Italy, Russia, Spain, France and Hong Kong.
Anna played in some of the most prestigious halls of the world : Tchaikovsky Concert Hall (Moscow, Russia), Big hall Rostov Filarmonic, Concert Hall “Gavoe” in Paris.” read more about Anna




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