Sönke Meinen: This Songs for You, Mr. Robinson

Here’s German guitarist Sönke Meinen, with a tune that he wrote for one of his guitar hero’s – Snokin’ Joe Robinson.

Now if you don’t know who Joe Robinson is, check this video out

Joe is perhaps the latest and greatest version of Tommy Emmanuel  on guitar today. And he’s also Australian born!

But hey, this is about Sönke Meinen, not Mr. Robinson….

So, I will tell you that Sönke is doing just fine and playing a lot of gigs and making appearances in his country of Germany. Check out this video to see what he’s up to recently..

This guitar playing on this particular video is smokin’ good…

and if you are into this sort of playing, then this is a great vid to share with your friends that appreciate it as well. Just tell them… look at this kid from Deutchland that I just discovered or, I think this kid plays better than you (hey, I’m just trying to come up with some “share lines” for you…)

Do though check out his biography and the other video on Sönke Meinen that we posted here at Acoustic Guitar Videos.


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