Tommy Emmanuel/Joe Robinson: Lethal Combination

Australia’s Got Talent…

No not the TV show, Tommy Emmanuel and Joe Robinson!

Tommy Emmanuel, whose has more guitar videos posted of him on YouTube than just about anyone, seems the popular vote as the world’s undisputed heavyweight champion of the acoustic guitar.

In this video and keeping right up on the Classical Gas is Tommy’s protege Joe Robinson, who Wiki say’s “At the age of 11, Joe began touring with different Australian artists, including Tommy Emmanuel whom Joe considers his mentor.”

Now I’ve seen some videos of Joe switching to electric guitar and even hearing that he is singing as well. Truth is and like Tommy, there’s no stopping Smokin’ Joe from accomplishing anything he wants to do.

Here’s some more info on Joe Robinson:

“He started playing piano at the age of six, only because he was told his fingers were too small to play the guitar. Aged ten, he quit and began to play the guitar. He outgrew his guitar teacher in less than 12 months, and he started to teach himself from the internet.

Winning the Australian National Songwriting Competition at age 13, it was clear to everybody around him that Joe was developing a unique gift.” read more

If you like this video please share it with your friends. This may be one of the most lethal guitar duos you will ever see.


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