Historic Martin Tenor Guitars


Dick Boak on historic Martin tenor guitars, part 1 of 2

My jazz guitar buddy Larry Maltz sent me this link to this video (thanks Larry, looking forward to getting together soon).

It’s about the vintage Martin Tenor Guitars with Dick Boak, who has been a fixture at Martin for as long as I’ve been visiting there.

The Martin Factory which is in Nazareth Pennsylvania, is only a hop, skip and a jump from my location in western New Jersey. I remember as a teenager going there and buying some factory seconds that just had a few blemishes for next to nothing (ah, those were the days).
Dick Boak at that time was in the 1833 Shop and I would always enjoy visiting with him and absorbing some of his remarkable knowledge about guitars and the Martin Company.


“Dick Boak of the Martin Guitar Company visiting Dan Erlewine’s guitar repair shop. The conversation is about pre-war Martin tenor guitars, and Dick really knows this subject. From the free Trade Secrets newsletter at stewmac.com

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