Andy Mckee Live- Africa (Pop Song By Toto)

You’ve heard this song before on the radio no doubt.

Big hit for the band Toto and now it’s in Andy Mckee’s set at a live gig.

Andy Mckee is one of the most popular solo guitarist (if not the most popular) on the internet, as his videos have ranged into the millions of views.

This video was just put up on YouTube  October 11, 2012

As of this writing… only has 25 views (well, 26 or 27 now since my viewing).

It would seem to me that this video is not going to go viral like some of Andy’s other vids-

If it was going to spread like wildfire, it would think would at least have a few thousand views by now (October 26, 2012)

This is perhaps one video that is probably going to get more views at our humble little site than YouTube.

Let me know what you think of Andy Mckee in your comments below.


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