Jamie Dupuis – Into The Wilderness (Original Composition)

Jamie Dupuis is an excellent fingerpicking guitarist that I know you are going to enjoy. He writes some magical compositions, namely this latest entitled “Into The Wilderness,” which is played exceptionally well and is memorable.

Now I do like it when you go and check out more videos on this site, but if you want to hear more of Jamie, there is a link at the end of his YouTube description that takes you to a mini series of his other pieces. All pretty much played flawlessly and from what I can tell- live. We’ll definitely be posting more videos of this talented guitarist here in the near future.


YouTube description:

“Here is Into The Wilderness once again, I felt like making another video of it!
This composition was inspired by Nature and how amazing it is. There’s something just calming about nature, yet it is so powerful. It’s always inspiring to see its beauty and be part of it. Something that I just can’t explain.” read more


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