Sidnei de Oliveira: 10 String Beauty

Here’s Sidnei de Oliveira, a guitarist who was sent to us via Claudia Aquino Tait on our other page at

The 10 strings definitely ads a lot to this piece- the melody is memorable and the ringing of the double strings is…. beautiful.

Obviously a live show, what’s amazing is the accuracy of Sifnei’s playing.

Sidnei de Oliveira- great guitarist!

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  1. This is really amazing! Like you mentioned, the accuracy of his picking is incredible! I’ve never seen someone pick like this on a 12-String.

    Great job Sidnei de Oliveira! This guy deserves to be on stages around the world! Great find Bob!

  2. Hey Brandon, maybe you and Sidnei could do a twin bill!

  3. jimmy reynolds

    thats a ten string quinto.

    • Hey Jimmy, Thanks for the insight. Think I need to change the title now…
      BTW, what would be the advantage of 10 strings instead of 12 I wonder?

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