Brandon Farris~ Overwhelmed

I guess this song title “Overwhelmed” would be an appropriate title if Brandon Farris expected me to play this song… but not for him.

Brandon is the new breed of tapping guitarist that seem to have more sounds coming out of the guitar than is humanly possible, and on this video, he is making it look all too easy.

Now what I found interesting here is, the tone. Doesn’t seem to me to be any pickup used here at all (maybe Brandon would be kind enough to let us know how he has recorded his guitar).

His technique is marvelous – a little “overwhelming,” no pun intended…

Another great find here for us- we’ll be keeping our eyes (and ears) out on Brandon Farris – Fantastic!

On a personal note here, I have tried to do this stuff and, maybe it’s just me.  (well, I’m sure of that) but I can’t seem to get any kind of sound out of the guitar trying to tap notes.  Maybe I’m comparing it to the amount of volume you need playing in a bluegrass band (you have to play hard to get the sound out of the guitar to compete with banjos, fiddles and mandolins).

Love to hear any comments or insights from any of you that know something about tapping guitar..


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  1. Hey Bob! Thanks for sharing this! I record almost everything on my YouTube Channel…


    With a Yeti microphone near by and I use Logic for mixing. This song really builds your picking hands strength and stamina. The majority of this song is played using tapping.

    Tabs are available, and they show you just how easy this song can be! I’m glad you liked it!

    Thanks Again,
    Brandon Farris

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