David Russell Spatter the Dew LIVE

Here’s David Russell with a Celtic style piece called “Spatter the Dew.”

The tone of David’s playing is fabulous, and some of the melodic lines involved with this song are not easy at all, even for a trained classical guitarist.

Special thanks to Jim Weaver once again for turning us on to this video.

Jim wrote: “I swear I have seen this song flatpicked by a Celtic guitarist – probably in DADGAB tuning – but this is the only video that comes up when you enter the song title. Anyone want to take it on? Meanwhile enjoy the master.”

I guess what Jim is saying by “take it on” is, does anyone want to attempt to play this piece?

Jim, I’ll say right off that I’d be able to play the melody or the rhythm to this but, not both at the same time.


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