Dominic Frasca; Someone’s Gonna Get Hurt

Dominic Frasca. Here’s guitar playing that doesn’t sound human. I mean is this for real? Obviously is doing a lot of crazy things like putting pieces of wood on his guitar to using a C clamp as a capo holding  down 2 strings.

This is a compilation of a bunch of vids. Truthfully, I had to watch this a few times. What a monster player.  Perhaps one of the most unique styles I’ve ever heard.

Dominic currently lives in New York City and was said to have practiced over 14 hours a day. Well, it sadly took it’s toll.

Frasca developed focal dystonia–the loss of motor control in his fingers. He spent two years seeking treatment for the condition, unable to play at all. Frasca turned to weight training as a source of help. By keeping a balance between his practice and working out, he regained full use of his hands in 2003. read more at Wiki

Now this was the part about getting hurt that you worry about when you see something like this. After all, we are only human, and our body (and mind) can only take so much. But I’m happy to hear that he was able to regain his skills.

Share this with your guitar playin’ friends, they won’t believe it…


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