Street Guitar #10: Flamenco Guitar Claims Corner

We’ve  seen this guy before (working the same corner) only playing with another guitarist (rhythm).

This time he’s alone and obviously has some pre- recorded tracks to back him up.

Great guitarist for sure.

Here’s a question…
Does each guitarist (act) have a designated area that they busk in? For example, let’s say I decided to go to Barcelona and open up my case in front of that same cathedral. What would happen if this guy then showed up?

This obviously is serious business for these musicians and I’m curious as to the protocol ….  Could an argument over territory lead to a “street fight.” ? (sorry, couldn’t resist)

It would be interesting to see how this works- perhaps an unspoken rule that the musicians follow, i.e., “Louie has 12th and Madison, Bill’s got the front of the church at the corner of 5th and Washington….”

Please comment below- would like to hear your take on this.


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