Beautiful and Easy Fingerstyle Song for Beginners

Have you ever been in a melancholy mood but couldn’t express your feelings on your guitar? Well this song (which doesn’t have a title yet) is the perfect fingerstyle song suited for the beginner guitarist. Featuring 1 fingered chords on the left hand, this song is within a beginners grasp by only taking one of my free courses (Beginners, Play Your First Fingerstyle Songs in 60 Minutes)

If you feel you are ready to learn this song, please sign up below and I will mail you the sheet music. Hoping you enjoy this song!

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Lesson 2

In this lesson 2 of “Beautiful and Easy Fingerstyle Song for Beginners,” we will start learning the B Section which is a little tricky and has a chord change that might seem difficult to some beginners. I rated this song (or at least the B section) as slightly above Beginner Level in terms of difficulty, and spent more time explaining the “tricky part” along with a helpful secret tip to be able to play this section. This video is broken up into 2 videos and I highly recommend to watch this whole video before proceeding to the final lesson 3. If you are going to learn this song, I also highly recommend continuing to Lesson 3- especially if you are having problems playing this song. In Lesson 3 I have a new section entitled “Fingerpicking FYI” which will be an amazing help for anyone struggling!!!

Lesson 3



  1. Albert A Vondra

    Beautiful Bob –

    “Echoes in the Night”

  2. Richard Porritt

    Song title: Melancholy Morning

  3. You are a great teacher Thanks for teaching me. John Moody

    • Robert Harris

      Hey John,
      thank you for the kind words.. very happy that the lessons are helping and wishing you a good guitar week!!

  4. Sandy Donner

    I am enjoying your courses so much. Perfect for beginners like me. Thank you!!!! I would love to have the music book.

    • Robert Harris

      Hi Sandy, It’s so nice to hear from you and glad you are enjoying the course!!
      I’m working on the Gateway songbook now but it is taking me a long time. Please email me at as I can send you more
      of my courses and also let you know when it comes out..
      Wishing you a happy spring and happy guitar playing!!

  5. You really are a fantastic teacher

  6. Just a question. Do you have a finger picking book with all the tabs?
    For some reason I’m struggling down loading the PDF.

    • Robert Harris

      Hey Mark, I just emailed you the sheet music tab etc., for the song. I’m working on adding all the courses/tabs (everything) on my new site You are welcome to join!

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