Street Guitar #4: Buskers In Barcelona

I looked and couldn’t find the names of these two talented street guitarists…..

I suppose the people passing by could have cared less, but we at Acoustic Guitar Videos think that guitarists like this shouldn’t be nameless.

Here’s what the description at YouTube says…

“How could I not put this one on? Anyway, it turned out okay and it’s better than listening to dry drivel. Apologies to all the dry drivellers! Anyway, notice the busker on the right. He has an eye for checking out all the nice girls and he doesn’t miss a chord! Oh, and don’t forget, if your sad or just bad, chant Hare Krishna and be happy! If you like this then check this one out:” more

Maybe a translation from Spanish?

And I’d like to know what “dry deivel” is? (Maybe I’d like to listen to that… I don’t know?

Again, guys tearing it up in the street and hardly no one paying attention.

Such is the plight of the street guitarist….

Update: Street Guitar #4: Buskers In Barcelona

Jefferson Elicerio Viloria  over at our facebook site has reveled the names of these two talented musicians…

Tiberiu Gogoanta “El Grelo” and Adrian Roman.

Thank you Jefferson for this- they just don’t deserve to remain nameless here!

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  1. There’s no way I could keep walking and not stop and listen to THIS.

  2. Artists full names are TIBERIO EDUARDO and ADRIAN ROMAN. Not sure which one is which. (fom the youtube video EDUARDO + ROMAN – “Entre Dos Aguas”)

  3. Mohamad El Khatib

    anyone knows the song name?

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