How to Play Paradise- John Prine Fingerpicking (instead of strumming)

“Paradise” is one of John Prine’s most famous songs and has been covered by so many Artists over the years. But what would this song sound like if John slowed it down a little, and played it fingerstyle instead of strumming?
Welcome to a detailed lesson on how to play Paradise in the John Prine Fingerpicking Style. This video comes with the Paradise lyrics and chords for guitar, tab and Tux Guitar file, plus a short study guide.
This song is very easy to fingerpick and is in 3/4 waltz time. The groove of this song is “Swing” which adds a bounce to the notes played. I will go over this in great detail to help you learn this style. and is fairly easy and rated just above beginner. If you wanted to learrn how to play Paradise by John Prine on guitar- only in John’s fingerstyle- you will want to take this lesson.

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  1. guy Johnson

    Many thanks Bob, great tune ,

  2. Great original fingerpicking , looking forward to more

    • Robert Harris

      Hey Mike,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the video- picking part is fairly easy and guessing this might be about what John would have done..

  3. I am 76 yrs old. When I was younger I played in a country western band for 15yrs. We broke up I sold everything. 2 yrs ago I bought a cheap guitar. Only one I can afford. Anyway fixed it up played all the old songs over and over by myself and got board. Bin looking for finger style lessons but to be honest Can’t afford it. Then I saw this and watch you play and sing you broughjt tears to my eyes. I want to learn finger style and now I have a chance to do it. God Bless keep well please stay away from crowds. Thank you Don Straiko Barrie Ontario Canada.

    • Robert Harris

      Hey Don, great to hear from you and glad you are “Back in the Saddle Again” with the guitar.
      Even with the layoff, you’ve been playing a long time and it’s impossible to forget (and 15 years with a band no less).
      Yes, staying away from crowds and people!!! God Bless you too and happy pickin’ 2021!!

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