Street Guitar #12: Paco Watch Out

Here’s two Guitarists playing in Park Güell (Barcelona)

Even though it looks like no one’s paying attention, there is applause from the audience at the end of the song.


We’ve been posting a mini series on “Street Guitar” this last week….this is the first video that has applause. Now deservingly so because these guys can really play- in my opinion they are just as good any well known flamenco guitarist that I’ve personally heard.

So what are they doing on the street?
Is this the plight of years of practice and perseverance?

Stay tuned as we have 3 more videos to go in this series of “Street Guitar” with a surprise twist that you won’t want to miss.

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Two spanish guitarists playing in Park Güell (Barcelona) Live music
Гитаристы играют в Парке Гюэль (Барселона) Испанская гитара
UPDATE! According to the comments to this video these are Tiberiu Gogoanta and Anibal Palazolo.


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