Corona Virus Comedy Song- Pop music with Acoustic Guitar

With all the seriousness of the Coronavirus these days, here’s a comedy song about it all entitled Corona Wuhan Na- a parody spin off of the popular Havana oh nana. Featuring newcomer vocalist Dark Venus and her mask (no, not the type you should be wearing) she and producer Bob Harris co-wrote the words (funny, but to the point). The goal as I read in the description area over at YouTube is intended to bring awareness and simple remedies to the Coronavirus by way of comedy. I have to admit it took me a few times to “get” all the jokes but also enjoyed the music which is produced by Bob Harris as well (Bob is also is the guitarist). I hope you will enjoy this video as much as I did! Cheers-

Al Stevens, journalist at large- Acoustic Guitar Videos
(BTW, check out below a message from Bob about teaching this song on guitar too)…

Hey it’s bob here (thank you Al btw)- If any of you like this video and want to learn the Coronavirus comedy song on guitar, I just started a new course where I teach from 0 skill beginner to advanced and everything in between. To take the free course, please comment in the reply box below and we can get started right away. All the best and happy pickin’ !! bob



  1. George Miller

    Great video Bob. Very happy to hear that you may be posting some more videos on Youtube soon as you are an awesome teacher. I was following your lessons for some time until you hit that rough patch in your life, so hopefully things are looking better now. I am interested in the new course you have for this song, so it would be great to hear from you.

    All the best

    • Robert Harris

      Hey George, wow, great to hear from you!! thank you, and glad you liked the video! Yes, talk about a rough patch… I’m doing okay here..

      Yes, back at it as well finally… I’m teaching this Coronavirus Comedy song on guitar, and already have 3 lessons finished (lesson 3 coming out today.
      I’m gonna sign you into that group and send you all the lessons so far…
      thanks again George, hope you enjoy the course- it’s a bit of a challenge… bob

  2. Amir Yaghoubi

    Great video Bob it is such a fun tune love to learn it looking forward to the lesson as always.
    Thank you so much

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