Street Guitarist #13: Tom Ward playing in Pitt Street Mall Sydney

This is the second to last video of our mini series of  “Street Guitar” – I hope you have enjoyed all the talented buskers we’ve featured here at Acoustic Guitar Videos including this one…

Here’s Street Guitarist Tom Ward from Australia performing at a Mall in Sydney on Pitt Street.

Now sometimes these street performances can seem like a throw the coin/cash in the case gig when in fact, they could be hired by a vendor or even a group of vendors.

In this video though, I think if he was hired by a vendor he would have had a little better stage set-up.

Here’s the major question… What good can come for Tom Ward doing these type of gigs?

Is there a future for him past the streets?

Stay tuned for the exciting finally of “Street Guitar” which will post at 5:30 tonight (Friday).



  1. Thomas Pettigrew

    I can’t believe my eyes looking at the frets on this guitar. I froze the video at 1:55 and it looks like a really strange fret job with partial frets. Home made guitar? It almost looks dangerous! Nice playing.

  2. Hey Thomas, I would have never picked up on that… does indeed look home made…

  3. Just taking a guess, but is it possible the fret offset is to maintain proper intonation when playing that high up the neck? Yes, I noticed some of the lower frets are that way also.

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