Smoking Joe Wows Australias Got Talent Show

Check this kid out.

If you’ve never played in a guitar contest before, you could only imagine the nerves of steel this kid has to do what he is doing in front of this audience and judges.

For some reason, a contest can make the most comfortable person on stage into a bundle of nerves- (I speak from first hand experience).

Here’s a little background on myself with contests:

2 for 3 meaning, won 2 and lost 1 (in other words did not take first place with the loss)

Rather than telling you about the 2 that I won, I will share with you the one I lost. Turns out I was so nervous that my hands were shaking while I was trying to play. I ended up getting in 3rd place….  but the crazy part was, I lost to my own guitar student… and even worse… a song that I coached him to play.

Not taking anything away from him, he did indeed knock it out of the park while I was hitting a lot of foul balls.

Getting back to this video- I have a very special admiration for anyone who can excel under “the contest” scrutiny setting and think this kid is marvelous. Is this Tommy Emanual’s son or what?



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