Tim Thompson- Flinstone’s Theme Song, But You Haven’t Heard it Like This

Ever hear of Tim Thompson?

Well, watch this video and you’re never gonna forget him.

The guitar Tim is playing is a hybrid cross between acoustic and electric, so technically it is not a pure acoustic.

Yea, I don’t think this performance would work so well on a high action Martin HD28, but there are a lot of acoustic guitars like Ovation and Yamaha that have a similar neck profile with piezo elements under the saddle for amplification so… let’s just call this an acoustic okay?

I’ve heard other guitarists perform the Flinstone’s TV theme song but, can’t say that I’ve heard it done better. Besides being adept at jazz tonalities, for me I also greatly appreciate the country flavor that Tim brings to the table.

Your thoughts on Tim would be greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to Jay Tolbert once again for introducing me to another killer guitarist!



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