Jon Gomm – Ain’t Nobody (Chaka Khan)

I think the best part of doing this job of posting acoustic guitar videos here is getting to meet some new like minded friends and finding new guitarists that I haven’t heard of before.

Well here’s a new guitarists for me (yet very well known)  that my new friend Jay Tolbert recommended I watch- Jon Gomm – Ain’t Nobody (Chaka Khan)

Jon is one of those lyrical guitarists that is able to transcend past guitar licks and phrases- personally it makes me forget that he’s playing the guitar, as I can just focus in on a song. For anyone that plays, this should be one goal to focus in on.

The tapping style of guitar has so many advantages over just fingerpicking, flatpicking or using a pick. Although the guitar has been very versatile in the past, the tapping style now puts the guitar into the same category as a piano- being able to use both hands to strike notes. And now even one more step, adding percussive sounds along with all the notes has made the accomplished tapping guitarist into a one man band.

Your thoughts on Jon Gomm are welcome here. I think he is marvelous.



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