A List of the Top 15 Guitar Players- One Man’s Opinion

This is a fun video to watch, especially if you enjoy fingerpicking/tapping style of guitar. This video is one person’s pick of his top 15 guitarists.

Here’s the list (backwards of how it appears on the video)

1. Michael Hedges
2. Tommy Emmanuel
3. Lenny Breau
4. Chet Atkins
5. Don Ross
6. Steven King
7. Stephen Bennett
8. Andy Mckee
9. Antoine Dufour
10. Peppino D’Agostino
11. Kaki King
12. Erik Mongrain
13. Justin King
14. Kotaro Oshio
15. Petteri Sariola

You may or may not agree with the author but he makes sure to say that this is just his opinion and welcomes others to give there own. He even suggests that people can make their own “top guitarists video.

Do you agree with his picks? How would you order this, or, who is missing? No Paco De Lucia or Django Reinhardt? Okay, here I go doing it but, I’m interested to hear your opinions…. please leave your comments. Also don’t forget to sign in (to the right of this post) to stay current with our latest and best videos delivered to your mailbox every Thursday morning at 9am.


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  1. Where’s Tony Rice? Doc Watson? And what about that guy Bob Harris? I hear he’s pretty good too!

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