Jim Croce and Maury Muehleisen- Lover’s Cross

Ever had an event stick in your mind from your childhood that you can instantly recall?

Well, the death of Jim Croce was one of them for me.

I was in my 8th Grade shop class when somehow the news got spread into the classroom. At the time, Croce was just about as big as anyone on the radio, and most kids my age and almost anyone into music couldn’t help but morn the death of this very talented singer/songwriter/pop star.

Here’s a video of Jim performing with guitarist Maury Muehleisen- an acoustic duo sound that became Jim’s trademark backup. Very simple, but very effective.

Please share this video with your friends- it’s one of the better one’s I found on Jim Croce.



  1. Thomas Pettigrew

    The loss of Jim Croce was tough. His voice and songs were magic to me. It is so hard to loose great talent young…such a loss. I can only Imagine the music that he would have left us had he lived, but I still love the songs that are here. I think he touched my soul with a little bit when I was young.

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