Don’t Think Twice – Fingersyle Guitar Lesson Series

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Here’s a fingerpicking guitar lesson(s) that you are going to want to take…
featuring the popular Bob Dylan song “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright.”

This is lesson 1 (One) of a SERIES where we will accommodate Beginners to Advanced.

Call it a “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright Fingerpicking Guitar Lesson Series,”
and a trip into a lot of useful guitar information that will last you a lifetime. –

From singers who want to accompany themselves on guitar, to aspiring guitarist who want to endeavor to perform both rhythm and melody (solo fingerstyle) at the same time, we will cover the gamut of variations to accommodate guitarists at all levels.

Take this journey to an in depth look at a song that was one of the most popular and memorable songs of the sixtys. And it doesn’t matter what level you are at. You can do this.

In this lesson, we will work on some substitute chord voicings that are truly “beginner friendly.” Other than the
C chord position, chords all are easy to play derivatives (including a two fingered easy and not pesky F chord) that are not only melodic but, adaptations that are in ‘true spirit of this song.’

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All the best and happy pickin’ !!  Bob

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  1. Hi, I need the tabs for don’t think twice, tis alright!

    • Robert Harris

      Hey Paul, just e mailed you the sheet music!!! Sorry about the downloading problem. bob

      • Tony Gaddas

        HI Bob,

        I cannot seem to download the sheet music, would you be able to email me a copy please, thank you

        • Robert Harris

          Hey Tony, check your e mail, just sent you the sheet music.. We are currently trying to switch over all the courses but there’s 100’s of links that need to be changed and doing it all one by one!! ugh… if you need any help just let me know.. ALL the best and happy pickin’ !! bob

    • Chuck Slater

      Hi Paul,
      I just found your YouTube vid on “Don’t Think Twice”. WOW, a great lesson. I am 79 yrs old and trying to learn the guitar. I think you will be a great help. I was not able to get the tab. I’m using an iPad. Do I need to use my computer?
      Thank you. So much

      • Robert Harris

        Hey Chuck, couldn’t help notice the note you wrote for Paul looks like you meant it for me (Bob Harris- the guitar instructor here). Thank you for taking the lessons with me and I’m glad you are enjoying the lesson! As far as the downloading problem, some people on iPads have reported download issues. So in answer to your question, I know for certain that a computer would be better to use. Now if you still can’t get the tab, please reply back to me and I will send it to you.
        Wishing you all the best on your guitar!!

  2. Robert Mooney

    Hi Bob, I love your videos. I have been watching your videos for about three months now and trying to learn the acoustic guitar. I honestly believe if I had not come across your videos, I would have given up. I love my guitar, even though the tips of the fingers on my left hand are still painful, I refuse to give up. Thank you so much for your videos from a Sixty-five-year old beginner.

    • Robert Harris

      Hi Robert, great to hear from you and very happy that you are playing guitar…! Glad to help! and the fingertips will ease up, hopefully soon. If I play too much my fingers will ache too but within a day or so it will be okay again. Happy pickin’ and thanks again for the kind words (glad you are still playing!!

  3. Steve Berg

    Hi Bob,

    Like many others I’ve come across your youtube videos whilst in lockdown in the UK – Ive been noodling for a while on the guitar, but had no real focus. Your youtube lessons are first class – best I’ve found, thank you!! The lessons have very mush reignited the desire to get better.

    Like others I also can’t seem to access the TAB downloads after registering, but everything you need in is the videos so more than happy.

    • Robert Harris

      HEy Steve, just e mailed you the sheet music so check your email. Thank you for the kind words… I’m trying to fix the links here, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t (ugh!!)… Happy you are back on the guitar!!! keep me posted!! bob

  4. Pops Thompson

    Hi Bob, same again sorry and not finding the sheet music for lesson four. From the video it looks to be different to the previous ones we have because of those new chords?
    Great if you can email to my address below.
    Cheers and so many thanks.

  5. Berlin Jackson

    Hi Bob,
    I guess I am an intermediate guitar student. You are my favorite teacher of guitar and really appreciate the way you break down the songs which helps me learn it easier.

    • Robert Harris

      Hey Berlin,
      Always better to not be a beginner I say!! I’m really happy that the lessons are helping you, and I’m glad to help!
      I’ve had a little leave of absence with the lessons lately but will be back soon. In the meantime- happy pickin’ and thanks again!

  6. Starla Basinger

    Do you have beginner guitar lessons showing chords and strumming?

    • Robert Harris

      Hi Starla, thanks for taking the lesson here, and no, this is all fingerstyle lessons. I think there’s a lot of beginner strumming lessons over at YouTube that would probably help. Wishing you good luck and happy 2021 on your guitar!! bob

  7. Hi, Bob,
    I have been learning on your your Youtube channel. I don’t think I am on your list now.

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