How To Fingerpicking Guitar for Beginners-PLAY IN 1 MINUTE the Easiest Pattern!

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Lesson 2

How To Fingerpicking Guitar for Beginners-PLAY IN 1 MINUTE the Easiest Pattern!

In this mini guitar lesson series, fingerstyle specialist and guitar instructor Larry Maltz shows what he considers “the easiest of all ” legitimate” fingerstyle patterns called “Thumb Over Thumb.” This popular fingerpicking pattern Larry says is the first pattern to learn “even before Travis style picking” and other patterns. The pattern has just 4 notes in it and it is repeated 2 times in a measure, thus making each note of the measure 8th notes, with 4 downbeats and the &’s in between. Each measure is counted as 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & -.

To go along with learning this easy fingerstyle pattern for the left hand, we have an easy but compelling song that features 1 and two fingered chords. This makes it easier for beginners wanting to learn guitar who are still having some difficulty with standard chords or still working on them.

It is recommended that you try to first learn the pattern with the right hand, and then form the chords on the left. Best place to look when you are playing is at your left hand… The right hand is supposed to be the “automatic” part but, you may find yourself looking there… Try not to~~!!! Practice sessions with this should be short – perhaps 10 or 15 minutes each day but, best to stop and rest if your fingertips are fatigued. Playing a little each day is much more beneficial as it helps your muscles to “remember” the pattern on their own. You will find that going slow and practicing small sections for short but frequently is far better and faster than playing for 3 hours on the weekend and then not picking up the guitar for the rest of the week.

Finally, stay tuned for more lessons and, if you have any problems downloading the sheet music etc., please contact me at Please specify what you are looking for okay?  Happy Pickin’ !!  Bob



  1. Pops Thompson

    Great videos as always Bob so maybe a couple of questions?
    You show us which fingers to use along with a basic music chart and although I can read very basic charts, all of those that I have seen related to guitar tabs do not tell us what fingers to use for plucking. So, do such tabs exist, or is it just a matter of intuition as to which ones we use?
    Keep up the good work!

    • Robert Harris

      Hey Pops, I’m glad you are enjoying the guitar lessons here! So you are correct- most if not all charts will only have the tab with the chords and maybe the notes but, rare to find one with the fingers used. The other thing that’s missing in tab is the TIMING (when to play). In my study guides you might have notices that I created a flow chart that shows all this (tab, notes, chords, timing and fingers used). I never looked to see if others are doing it but it just seems like the right thing to do! Anyway, your question reaffirms why I do it! Hope you are having fun on your guitar and thank you for commenting here!! Happy pickin’ !! bob

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