Unique Tuning 1 – 2 fingered Chords

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Unique Tuning 1 – 2 fingered Chords is a series based on a song called “Valley View” which uses a unique tuning that makes it possible to play a sophisticated sounding song much easier by using 1 and 2 fingered chords.

The focus of the lessons (yes, there’s more to come!) can therefore become right hand technique (specifically a good workout for the thumb.


Lessons go as follow:

1. This Lesson – Intro into this Fingerpicking pattern, tab, sheet music and Tux guitar file for beginners (or whatever speed you want to move at). AND… the sheet music for lesson 2 (in case you want to move ahead quickly.

Big thanks and a big “thumbs up” to YouTube for providing anyone the opportunity to share with everyone.

Happy pickin’ !!  Bob



  1. Robert Mooney

    Hi Bob, Happy New Year to you and yours. I have not been in touch lately, unfortunately some health problems. I am thankfully on the road to recovery. Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work, it really is appreciated. I hope you are in good health, Bob, and keep on fingerpicking.

    • Robert Harris

      Hi Robert, happy new year to you too. I’m sorry to hear about the health problems but I’m glad that you are recovering!!! Stay healthy and glad you are enjoying the lessons- keep me posted!!

  2. Hello There. Hope you are doing well. Have missed your posting. Wishing you the best.

    • Robert Harris

      Hi Mary, great to hear from you and yes,,, I am way overdue for more lessons. I’m working on a new website where all this signup stuff and getting material to my group will be much easier (in other words, moving to the 21st century.. ha ha..
      I haven’t been feeling so good lately and have been on “the doctor tour” but so far, it’s just a bunch of stuff that I can correct myself. I’m hoping to be back asap in the first of the new year.
      Keep me posted- I hope you are having some fun with the lessons and also, if you need any help or another course, please let me know okay.
      Happy pickin’ !!

  3. jon mack

    Hi Bob, Hope all is well with you. I’m ready to dig into song#2 after getting #1 to a decent level-it took ahwile to get my finger tips in shape. I’m having a problem finding where to download the sheet music/tabs. Were am I going wrong?

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